Where the entertainers come to be entertained ...

Where entertainers come to be entertained ...

Hi, following requests for another night of musical mayhem, we have acquired the use of The Tavern Pub at The Hallgarth Manor Country House Hotel at Pittington, about 3 mins from the A1(M).

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The evenings are held fortnightly on a Tuesday and we kick off at about 8pm, although early arrival is advised as it is already very popular.

We’re looking for all entertainers in Acoustic / Electro acoustic style and we’ll have a PA with mikes, effects and a couple of small acoustic amps. Also there will be bass gear and Uncle Colin as resident backing guitar/synth. It’s a lovely little venue so please come along, strut your stuff, and have a laugh.

Hope to see you there, Regards

Jim Tait

Just a taste of what is in store ....

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Thanks again ......

....... everybody,performers and audience, for Tuesday Night. That pub was really rockin’! No need to thank individuals except my mate Malcolm Rocks who held his position while all about him were bumping and pushing. The great news is that Big Al Prudhoe, the Terror of Tudhoe (rhymes eh?) is going to produce a web site for us using photos by Malcolm and gossip from anybody! Thanks Alan, you’re a star. The next meeting will be Tuesday 2oth July so get it in the diary now !! Girls, take note, we need you !!

See you soon,

Jim Tait 

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  1. Sir I write to complain about the advertising blurb on your website namely, and to whit “as referred to in Neil’s rendition of Those Were the Days on the website” I have scoured this said website and found no trace of the song or the artist – indeed the site appears to be dominated by a gentleman of prodigious proportions whose only claim to fame is he once played guitar with Bruce Lee – A man more renowned as an exponent of Japanese fisticuffs than dexterity on the fretboard – Birds of a feather will flock together I suppose.
    Please correct this serious oversight as quickly as the technology allows!.

    Your obedient servant
    Eddy van Zimmer