Where the entertainers come to be entertained ...

Where entertainers come to be entertained ...

Hi, following requests for another night of musical mayhem, we have acquired the use of The Tavern Pub at The Hallgarth Manor Country House Hotel at Pittington, about 3 mins from the A1(M).

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The evenings are held fortnightly on a Tuesday and we kick off at about 8pm, although early arrival is advised as it is already very popular.

We’re looking for all entertainers in Acoustic / Electro acoustic style and we’ll have a PA with mikes, effects and a couple of small acoustic amps. Also there will be bass gear and Uncle Colin as resident backing guitar/synth. It’s a lovely little venue so please come along, strut your stuff, and have a laugh.

Hope to see you there, Regards

Jim Tait

Just a taste of what is in store ....

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

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Hi Everybody, Great night again on 20th July. We’ll be back at the Tavern at The Hallgarth Manor on Tuesday 3rd August. I’ve asked the Management to knock the sarnies and taties on the head as there was a little frissant with a couple of locals and a member of the staff. I’m sure you’ll agree that we don’t need any of that spoiling a great night. No grub, no bother! Great to see a newbie (Patrick) who’s realised it might be better to do a couple of other people’s songs , then do his own. Remember to email Colin if you want him to put some backing into your renditions and don’t forget to tell him the key! Spennymoor rules again was the cry so let’s have some more from the Northern end of Durham.
See you all on Tuesday 3rd August

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Jim Tait 

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  1. I never knew there was a frissant. How come I didn't get a slice?
    Mike, Stu and Colin were bloody fantastic at the last club night.
    Lol and I are trying to get them inducted into the Ukulele Hall of Fame.