Where the entertainers come to be entertained ...

Where entertainers come to be entertained ...

Hi, following requests for another night of musical mayhem, we have acquired the use of The Tavern Pub at The Hallgarth Manor Country House Hotel at Pittington, about 3 mins from the A1(M).

Click for directions

The evenings are held fortnightly on a Tuesday and we kick off at about 8pm, although early arrival is advised as it is already very popular.

We’re looking for all entertainers in Acoustic / Electro acoustic style and we’ll have a PA with mikes, effects and a couple of small acoustic amps. Also there will be bass gear and Uncle Colin as resident backing guitar/synth. It’s a lovely little venue so please come along, strut your stuff, and have a laugh.

Hope to see you there, Regards

Jim Tait

Just a taste of what is in store ....

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Next Tuesday - 1 February 2011

Hello once again one and all.
 Just a reminder that your presence is requested, nay, required this Tuesday the 1st February 
at The Hallgarth Manor Country Hotel for an evening of mayhem and music. 
We had a great turnout for wor Angie's Birthday so let's keep up the momentum this week 
and have a good showing. 
Please tell all your friends to come along and enjoy something different, 
sometimes very different. 
Food appears about 9-9.15 ish so be there or miss it.

See you all Tuesday.
Jim Party smile emoticonWinking smile emoticon

Monday, 24 January 2011

Tuesday 1st February 2011

Thanks everybody for making last Tuesday the 18th January, a fantastic night for Angie to celebrate her Birthday. We had a plethora of entertainment from our own Superstars plus great stuff from Mark Allen and Leah O'Neil. Colin excelled at his sounds and Stu was his usual "just give 'us the key man!"
We've all learned our place in the musical scale of things due to the musical term "we're finished when I say we're finished" being thrust upon us by The Right Honorable Malcolm Rocks so take care and add this to your glossary of musical terms.
Great food was provided by the Management and a special request for 'the little Yorkshire puddings that we dipped in the gravy' was made by The Right Hon. himself.
 As this email goes to the Management this is the best I can do Malcolm. 
PLEASE try your best to get to our next night on Tuesday 1st February and tell all your mates to come along. Never mind the telly or whatever's keeping you in the house, have a little Mayhem at the Manor (Big Al's got some more Scottish Music Hall Songs!)
See y'all on the 1st Feb (put it in your diary now)
Best Regards,
Jim Eye-rolling smile emoticon

Monday, 17 January 2011

Tomorrow night is the night .....

Just a line to remind everybody that Tomorrow's Mayhem at the Manor will also be a celebration of our Angie's Birthday.Party smile emoticon
We have several 'J' and 'R' list celebrities attending so anyone wanting a good view of their arrival, please get there early.
We have a new Ukranian Musical Director called Werzya Dotz so treat him with the same respect I have for Hodgie's playing.
Enough of this. Tell everybody and their mates to come tomorrow night for a great night at The Hallgarth Manor, Pittington, Durham.
All Electro / Acoustic musos and singers and any instrument welcome.
Entrance is free and about 9 - ish there's food laid on by The Hallgarth's owner, Mr Khan.
See you all there, (we kick off about 8pm) Excitement !!!!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Awesome Angie's Bumper Birthday Bash ....

Well Hello !! What a great turnout for the first Mayhem of 2011. Mostly entertainers but probably the only night that the Residents didn’t join us! Once again thank you to Mr Khan and his lovely staff for enabling us to present the most popular Music Night in the North of England.
Great news for January 18th (our next night!) The Lovely Angie Crawford is celebrating her $”nd Birthday with us so we need the A Team and all substitutes, along with their
friends and families there on that night. Please tell everyone from Acoustic at the Vic (I don’t have all their emails) and anyone you can think of who enjoys a great night of Music and fun, plus some smashing, “drinking” grub, courtesy of the management. It’ll be great to celebrate the birthday of such a great girl and supporter of us since we started. We have a lovely venue so let’s keep it by keeping up our numbers.
Take care and watch out for our Video Producer and vocalist humoureux, Big Al Prudhoe’s additions to the website with video footage from Oscar-nominated Malcolm Rocks.
DON’T FORGET! Mark it in your Diary now! Tuesday January 18th !!
Your mate,


Sunday, 2 January 2011

Start the New Year with a B..A..N..G ......

..... or maybe a song.

Hello everybody and a Happy new Year to all!
As you all probably know by now our first Mayhem at The Manor takes place this Tuesday the 4th January 2011 at The Hallgarth Manor Country House and Hotel, Pittington, Durham (just off the A690) Really posh but we’re not actually in the posh bit where the nice people wine and dine in style, we’re in the Tavern, the little friendly Pub on the far end. Our last show of 2010 in the 21st December was phenomenal both in attendance, atmosphere and great, great music. Dust off your New Year Blues, never mind the extra inches on the waist and holes in the wallet or purse and get yourself along this Tuesday to start the year off well. All females welcome, especially Greg’s niece (I heard her sing!)
We’ll kick off about 8-ish so get in early, (grub arrives about 9-ish.

Jim Tait 

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Evening with the Stars (well it was a clear sky)

A special thank you to everyone (and Davy Hodges) who showed up last night at Mayhem at the Manor. What a great night, good music (and plenty of it!) good crack and best of all, that wonderful Hallgarth atmosphere where everybody’s there to have fun with their friends. Our lack of egos and Divas makes it a relaxed place to be and can I hope that you all continue to support this fortnightly bash for as long as we can. Special thanks go out to the Management, who have trusted us with their antique chairs and supplied us with excellent “drinking food” throughout the year. Thanks to Col and Stew for their tireless support and to Alan Prudhoe for his continued presence and the fact that he keeps the Spennymoor Rievers in control. Malcolm the Camera deserves an Oscar for his Videos and cracking ’50s songs and so on. It would be too long-winded to go on mentioning everyone so you all know who you are. Really good to see Alan Leightell with Marie last night, let’s hope they make it a regular visit. Keep your eyes on the website as Mr Prudhoe uploads Mr Rocks’ Videos.

Merry Xmas Everybody and see you all on the 4th January 2011, same place, maybe starting a little earlier if we keep having numbers like last night!